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A library of "books" invites you to invent and inscribe your own words
and titles. Permitting each visitor their own literary or poetic proclamation... The installation is a collaboration with Slovak visual artist,
 Jaro Varga (b.1982). The project questions the relevance of physical
books and their eventual obsolescence, while also offering the temporary community surrounding the exhibition a chance to define the books entered into this conceptual library. 

Chapter I - 50 years

Express yourself

Enter the chance to win the ‘S’aimer’ sweater from our limited-edition Manifesto collection. 

To enter, screenshot the blank book canvas on Instagram or come to a Sonia Rykiel store and write or draw whatever you like on our library wall; words, pictures, let your imagination run free.

Post your picture on Instagram using #SRManifesto. The 10 most Rykiel entries will win! To qualify, please post before 31 January 2018. All candidates must follow @Soniarykiel on Instagram and all profiles must be public during the contest. 

Music by Corine - Courtesy of Polydor/Universal Music and Kwaidan

  • Right click on the image to save the blank books
  • Right click on the image to save the blank books
  • Right click on the image to save the blank books

‘Manifesto’ comes from the same word in Italian, meaning a written and public statement by which an artistic movement puts forward a programme of aesthetic action, exhorting artists, creators and talents to participate in and propagate it. The most famous manifestos of the 20th century were those of Futurism and Dadaism. A manifesto draws on history in drawing up a plan for the future. It is something that is open to and upheld by all. It represents absolute freedom of expression.

This year Rykiel will invite people to join in creative activities, to share, to communicate, to enjoy them-selves, in Paris and the rest of the world. From New York to Tokyo, via London, Seoul and China. There will be surprise after surprise, parties and gatherings, accented by generous actions.

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In launching ‘Manifesto’, the house of Sonia Rykiel will be unveiling a roster of cultural, feminist and literary activities which punctuate an anniversary year full of festivities.

This is an invitation to express yourself happily and rebelliously by writing according whatever you wish directly on the facade of the Sonia Rykiel flagship store.

Saint Germain Vitrine New

Discover the Manifesto collection