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Manifesto collection

The Manifesto collection

‘Manifesto’ will rewrite Sonia Rykiel’s ‘Upside-Down Dictionary’. The two initials, S and R, become a game. Super cleveR and So Rock n’ Roll, in resolutely anti-academic literary exercises!

The 50 year anniversary of the house will also be marked by several special collections, dreamed up by Julie de Libran. These exceptional events are more than just freedom of expression, freedom from the past and a contemporary vision, they are unconventional vectors towards a remarkable future, full of Parisian joie de vivre and creativity. To be discovered in windows from the beginning of 2018.

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Words and writing are the essence of Sonia Rykiel. From books in
the windows, wearable mottos, a dictionary of deliciously off-the-wall definitions, this Left-Bank house, appropriately rooted in the heart of literary St Germain, is queen of the apt phrase and the origin of fashion with a point of view.
Witty, light-hearted and cool, this Julie de Libran designed collection celebrates 50 years of the house, encouraging you to wear your words
on your sleeve! Poetic definitions, drawn from the Dictionnaire Deglingué of Sonia Rykiel and equally from today’s Rykiel world.... Words woven with spirit then into garments.

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By Sonia Rykiel

S’AIMER (v.) p.92 : To love oneself and one another.

SECRET (n.m.) p.75 : To be stitched into the hems.

BAISER (n.m.) p.62 : A fleeting caress on the lips. Everything that happened before this moment flashes past. The gaze moves over the neck, the hair, the face, and then the lips, or paradise.

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Stories for the future, by Julie de Libran!

175 SAINT GERMAIN (n.) : A Parisian destination of zebra crossings and book-lovers.

STAR (n.) : A fixed luminous point associated with the feminine.

STRIPE (n.) : Synonym of Sonia Rykiel.