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1st of July 2018

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At Sonia Rykiel, freedom is a tradition. Each silhouette of the house born in the heart of the social revolution of 1968, on the left bank of Paris, prolongs fifty years of joys and transgressions. Faithful to this free spirit, Sonia Rykiel embarks on a new adventure.

In July, during haute couture week, the house presents for the first time a collection of exceptional pieces, emblematic of its repertoire. Anti-precious, wearable, liveable, these pieces celebrate the unique know-how of the workshops that have made its heart beat since its creation.

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"Couture is not enough, you need a Rykiel" - Marylou Luther, Los Angeles, Times 1967.

"The invitation from the Chambre Syndicale to showcase this first L’Atelier Rykiel collection of exceptional pieces has given me the opportunity to rethink the house codes in an atelier frame. Beyond the stripe, the knit, the wardrobe, is the spirit of the Rykiel woman. Ease, elegance, playfulness and of course subversion. 

The challenge was to create pieces that were at once special but not over precious, adapted to the lifestyle of today’s woman. I also wanted to insist on the iconic silhouettes which have become the foundation of Rykiel style over the past fifty years. Rykiel is the only Left Bank ready-to wear house to have a dedicated atelier. With these experts and those in our Italian knit wear mills we have refined and redefined the techniques and savoir-faire to create a collection which I hope is pure essence of Rykiel.

It is to them that I dedicate this collection." - Julie de Libran