Sonia Rykiel Finals 20180604 2093

Autumn Winter 2018 Pre-collection

The way she wears...

A leopard head graces the front of an oversize handknit sweater; on its back a zebra’s mane in relief. The two mark the tone of this pre-collection, wild and free, graphic and assured, contradictory yet complimentary.

This Rykiel girl is strong, self-empowered, in charge of her own destiny and indeed her image. She loves fashion but is never its victim, using it to her own ends to emphasise her individuality, to communicate her personality. In her clothes she is complete, her carapace of confidence assured.

Sonia Rykiel Finals 20180604 4239

No imposed rules - she follows her own instinct. She borrows from the wardrobes of many with the zeal and discernment of a true collector. She mixes pieces and prints. Sport and classic. Feminine and masculine. Shine and matte. Oversize and mini. Tweed and nylon. The style is strong but the look remains relatively simple, pared down in fact. She wears maxi with dash, mini with equal brio. Her sweaters are oversize, the comforting embrace of a chunky handknit, or a luxuriant cashmere.

Sonia Rykiel Finals 20180604 3192

She can switch from androgyny to femininity in the twinkle of a crystal, and combines the two in unexpected combinations to edgy effect, nonchalantly throwing a nylon bicolour trench over a classic Rykiel lurex stripe knit. Ready for anything on the streets of the sixth.