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The Queen of knitwear

Sonia Rykiel urged women to be eccentric, seductive, and mysterious and to create their own style. Launching her brand in 1968, Rykiel emphasized giving women the freedom to wear anything they chose.

The tight, figure-hugging skinny sweater was the first category for Sonia Rykiel and sought to liberate women from bulky, and restrictive sweaters of the past. Sonia Rykiel redefined the idea of knitwear in fashion hence her nickname, "The Queen of knitwear".

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May 1968, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près, Sonia Rykiel opened up her first boutique. The neighborhood was a heaven to artists from the world over and it quickly became the heart of the brand.

Our obsession with stripes, also dates back to 1968. Since then stripes have appeared on sweaters, scarves, skirts, and dresses. Whatever season it is, you always can count on stripes at Rykiel.

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Rykiel has always been known for our take on the sweater. Sonia Rykiel was one of the first designers ever to put text on a sweater and she chose the word "sensuous".

In Italia, Sonia Rykiel was with a factory manager when she was handed a jacket in the wrong way. There she had the revelation. "Because you've put your sweater on inside-out, you will be rewarded" - Sonia Rykiel.

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