Le Pavé Parisien

A revolutionary Handbag

Le Pavé Parisien

In Paris, the ‘pavé‘ is a symbol. Fêted in film, music and political slogan, it saw centuries and indeed the whole of French history march over it before it was torn from its roots and became the emblem of the cultural revolution.

Thus the Parisian ‘pavé‘ would make its first and last flight in May 1968 in the hands of the Left Bank students revolting against an outdated status quo. Once the revolutionary emotions had subsided, the tarmac took over and these same ‘pavés‘ were sold as souvenirs of that insurrection when politics metabolised into an idealising myth.
To celebrate its own half-century anniversary since the ‘pavé’s last starring role, Sonia Rykiel is launching its own ‘Pavé‘. No furious rebellion this time but certainly a style declaration.

Visuel Storie Pave

The ‘Pavé Parisien’ bag is designed by Julie de Libran. Cuboid in shape, naturally edgy, utterly modern and functional, it comes in 8 subtle shades of leather rather than stone. Its true ancestor is the in nitely feminine vanity case.This compact little treasure bag offers a mirror, secret pockets and a key holder, with its name, ‘Pavé Parisien‘, proudly but discreetly tagged inside.

For the launch of the pave, we spent a sunny Saturday in the Left Bank with Adèle Farine, a student of L’Ecole des Beaux Arts. In partnership with L’Officiel Paris, we captured a day in her life around Saint Germain and Adele showed us the many ways to wear the pave.