The house of Sonia Rykiel puts its name on a Parisian postage stamp  under the creative direction of Julie de Libran. Since 2000, the ‘Coeur’ stamp series has become an annual event in France.

In 2018, the house of Sonia Rykiel draws hearts as trumps for its fiftieth anniversary.

What better way to celebrate the passing of half a century than creating and circulating a postage stamp; a historic seal that allows us to send a missive and with it a promise that the billet doux will arrive directly into the hands of our loved ones… Julie de Libran, artistic director of the House of Rykiel since 2014, rends hommage to the brand’s classic stripes and characteristic colours - red, white and black - as well as to the shape of the heart, a recurrent symbol in its iconography. Here, however, the heart is transformed, transfigured, and almost transgressive.


Julie de Libran speaks to a new generation of intrepid Rykielites, as one who never hesitates to break the rules herself! She is a kind of Saint Valentine, a purveyor of passion, designing a heart stamp which will allow a transmission of love and desire that goes beyond words.  

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Coeur Baiser Sr

To celebrate its 'Manifesto' collection, the house of Sonia Rykiel will be unveiling a roster of cultural, feminist and literary activities which punctuate an anniversary year full of festivities.

For Valentine's Day, a postcard aptly signed 'S'aimeR', invites you to take pen in hand and compose a love letter to whoever you choose (however many you choose...!).

Coeur Baiser

The Rykiel house welcomes you to our boutiques to write it down starting Saturday, February 3rd; inscribe it, seal it with a kiss, stamp it and post it. 

These love letters can also be sent as digital postcards.

Download the Sonia Rykiel GIF here and share it with your loved ones.

Cartes Posatles Sr

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